Freeda Baker Nichols

freedabakernicholsFreeda Baker Nichols was born at Banner Mountain in the Foothills of the Ozarks of Arkansas. At nineteen, she married and followed her Air Force husband to several states and one foreign country. She and her husband, who is now retired, reside in Clinton, Arkansas. They have four children. She wrote her first story in the beautiful country of Spain. She is published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Her writing has won many awards and in 2009, she was presented the Award of Merit by Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas.

“Call of the Cadron” is her first novel. A Christian Romance, the 200 page fiction work is packed with disappointments, adventures, and decisions as Jordan Maxey, a college graduate, puts her own dreams on hold while she runs the family farm. The reader will go along with Jordan and silently beg her to make the right choice between two men who love her.

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Author: Freeda Baker Nichols

Call of the Cadron

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Call of the Cadron

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