Christmas Give

Christmas Give
Genres: Christmas, Contemporary
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781941287071
Eva is a young widow who doesn’t want to move on with her life. Adam lost his job in the NFL and his wife to the star quarterback. Together at Christmas, they share wishes and traditions which make them want to get back in the game. Can two broken hearts make a whole?.
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About the Book

Eva Walker returns home to Georgia for the first Christmas since her husband’s death. She’s missed her family, but is afraid the void left by her husband will make it unbearable.

Between losing his job as an NFL defensive back and losing his wife to the star quarterback, Adam “Mack” Riggs has had a rough year. Looking for a change of pace, he visits an old college friend for Christmas.

The attraction between Eva and Adam is instant, and so is the laughter. Enjoying life again feels so good for both of them. Simple Christmas wishes unite with a shared holiday tradition, putting them on a path toward healing and acceptance. A path that could lead to a future, if only their pasts would remain where they belong.

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