Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful
Genres: Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 9781681423081
The story of an Iowa farm family during World War II. Experience with them hardships and heartaches of living through such unsettling times. Loved ones go off bravely to war, those at home face shortages, use US ration stamps, work hard in the industrial plants and farms to supply the military. Wartime disruptions change the culture in ways so different from traditional ways.
About the Book

Forever Faithful is a fictitious story based on my memories of World War II and life on the farm in Northeast Iowa, near Decorah. My parents, like Julia’s in the story, married in the twenties, lived through the Great Depression, and in the forties, faced another World War.

Have you often wondered what life was like then? One in four people were involved with agriculture. Farmers could supply most of their own food throughout the Depression. Agriculture was vitally important during the war to provide for the military.

How did World War I and II affect family life? What were the drastic changes in our culture after the wars?

The white bridal gown signified purity, meaning the bride was a virgin. People did not live together without marriage. Sunday was the Lord’s Day; no stores were open. Divorce was almost unheard of in the rural community.

How do Julia and her family cope with the changes suddenly engulfing their lives?

With two sons of military age, will the war destroy their family? How does the war affect the romances of the young people?

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