Miss Fatty Cat’s Revenge

Miss Fatty Cat’s Revenge
Series: The Cats In the Mirror, Book 3
Genres: Cats, Middle Grade
Publisher: Serenity Mountain Publishing
ISBN: 9781499647433
Perfect book for cat lovers young and old, and Book 3 in the multi-award winning series. Family friendly with excitement and kidnapping, but nothing too dark and scary. Includes information about tigers, ligers, and learning to get along in a family.
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About the Book

Jealousy is a festering emotion, and Miss Fatty Cat was wallowing in it. Boiling over with envy of the pampered and privileged life she thought Kimba and Hiro enjoyed—both on Earth and as members of the space-traveling cat royal family—Miss Fatty Cat enters into a partnership with the rebel group who opposes the monarchy. All of their treacherous plans fall apart when the family unexpectedly moves to Arkansas, but Miss Fatty Cat discovers that this is the perfect opportunity to help orchestrate a kidnapping of Kimba and Hiro while they are cut off from the protection of the Cats in the Mirror. If the sisters are stolen away, how will their human or alien cat families ever find them again?

Some cats are born on Earth and
never know who they really are.
Others are sent.
They are undercover
for their years on Earth.
They know who they are.
They know that they are not
from Earth at all.
And they are part of a bigger plan.

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