Pohoi and Comanche Spirit Power

Pohoi and Comanche Spirit Power
Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Mystical
ISBN: 1475973365
In this fascinating historical tale, a young Comanche woman on a quest to earn spirit power learns a shocking truth that quickly blurs the line between friend and foe and reveals a route back to love and to life—but only if she chooses forgiveness over power.
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About the Book

It is the spring of 1860, and a battle for power looms on the horizon. Within the high plains of the Llano Estacado, a fifteen-year-old Comanche woman pesters her powerful aunt with taboo questions about how to gain spirit power. Pohoi knows a time of terrible change is coming. But no one realizes that she is prepared to risk everything to save her people and her family.

After Pohoi ignores the concerns of her best friend, Yellow Bear, and continues to break tradition, traders murder her father and kidnap her white mother. Pohoi, determined to right the wrongs committed against her family, transforms into a ghost warrior and charges toward the soldier-infested plains, where she believes the kidnappers have taken her mother. But it is only after Yellow Bear tracks her location and brings with him her aunt’s unwanted child that Pohoi realizes her real battle may be in the place she least expected.


Intelligent and satisfying, Pohoi and Comanche Spirit Power certainly deserves a place on your bookshelf and is recommended without reservation. ~ Book Viral

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