Reich of Passage

Reich of Passage
Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Bay Forest Books
ISBN: 1613280653
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tell Boyer is burned out on politics and moves to Los Angeles to become an entertainment journalist. He is sleep walking through life until he meets a reclusive doctor whose father escaped Nazi Germany but had developed a technology to place terminally ill patients into a deep sleep until cures can be developed for their specific diseases. With stem cell technology now available to regenerate kidneys, Tell finds himself face to face with Hollywood’s most famous sex symbol—Jean Harlow.
About the Book

The second is Jim Blane, an American agent who penetrated the S.S. As Jim Blane adjusts to modern life he discovers that they were not the only two suspended in time. With his spy expertise he recognizes men from the SS troop who are now alive and in key governmental positions throughout the world and buoyed by billions in Nazi gold. Tell races with Blane to expose a new plan for world domination and to also introduce Jean Harlow to a modern world.



Didn’t want to put it down! Ace Collins has produced another amazing read. Love the history intertwined with the unbelievable but maybe it could be plausible story line. Great read! ~ Nana Reads


So what would you do if you were a journalist looking for a new direction in your writing, and you are introduced to Hollywood’s most famous sex symbol, Jean Harlow? I’m sure you’d do what Tell Boyer did in this book, take a year off and devote every minute to reacclimating this “young” lady back into society. But wait, how did this famous lady from the 1930’s get into the present without aging a bit? Tell finds out through his association with John Gould. John’s father had experimented with a technology that allowed him to place terminally ill people into a deep sleep or a coma until their ailment could be cured. But let’s not stop there. In addition to Jean Harlow, Tell finds out that another man, Jim Blane, a former American agent who had infiltrated the German SS was also kept in a coma. Jim begins to notice world leaders that appear to be previous members of the German SS, but how could they still look so young and what does it mean that they are in power? What would it be like to take a star from old Hollywood and reintroduce them to today’s world? Can Jim find out how all of these former SS members are alive and what they are planning to do? The answer is…… READ THE BOOK!

I’ve enjoyed each and every book by Ace Collins that I have ever read. I learn so much through his writing, it makes me feel smarter when I put the book down. Ace’s writing style is one that infuses enough fact into the story that it makes you want to read more about characters, places or events. Being a young guy myself, I wasn’t aware of the story of Jean Harlow but I wanted to find out about her based on this book. Ace allows his characters to develop so fully in his books that you find yourself wondering how many were patterned after real people.

So is this a “man’s book”? Absolutely! Famous actresses, German soldiers, world-wide government conspiracies, double-agents???? What guy in his right mind wouldn’t fall for all of these plot elements? ~ Libraryboy, Amazon




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