Return To The Blue Door

Return To The Blue Door
Series: The Blue Door Trilogy, Book 3
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Time Travel
ASIN: 1493545906
ISBN: 1493545906
This third installment of The Blue Door Trilogy sees Katie and her beau shocked to discover that they, once again, must face the Blue Door. Strange times lie ahead for the pair. Wrongs are set right, ghosts laid to rest and a family member is acting very strangely. Old friends re-appear and new ones enrich their already extra-ordinary lives. They embark upon the most surreal journey of their lives, with a love story that literally spans the ages, arriving at a final destination neither could have imagined possible…
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About the Book

Sometimes sequels can be just plain blah. Take the movies for example, the first can be good, the second fairly good, the third…meh! Not so with the Blue Door Trilogy, I found all three books to be exciting and fresh. The third, Return to the Blue Door, answered questions, made revelations, and satisfied curiosity. All through the book I was talking to myself..”yeah, that’s what I thought”..”Oh, really” and “whoa,didn’t see that coming”. I loved it, really loved this book. Katie and Erik still have the joy and respect of deep love and are ultimately rewarded for their undying affection toward each other. Yes, love still has heartache and an unpleasant turn of events in store for the reader, but Alice White still makes us a believer of love does conquer all. ~ Bobbie G, Amazon

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