The Yellow Packard

The Yellow Packard
Genres: Christian, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 1616267520
Buckle up for intrigue and adventure in scenic Depression-era America. George Hall, a draftsman, buys a 1936 Packard sedan from the estate of spinster Abigale Watling in Oakwood, Illinois. At first, the car brings George, his wife Jean, and their daughter Rose an unexpected boon. But tragedy follows when Rose is kidnapped. The auto then comes into the possession of salesman William Landers, FBI agent Helen Meeker, and serviceman James Coffman’s family. As clues to the kidnapping caper come to light, more than one life is in jeopardy. Will Agent Meeker catch the culprit before it’s too late?
About the Book

Ace delivers a story with a great blend of suspense, mystery, romance and quirky characters that captured my curiosity in this intriguing who-done-it?

Mystery and legend surround the Yellow Packard just like those of the Hope Diamond owners. Disaster befalls this car right from the assembly line! Everyone is a little freaked by the car and the first owner gets the car at a great price because of it. The owner’s thankful for a way to get to and from work. The car is way more than he had hoped for his family.

Ace brings to life a cast of colorful characters I became attached to, rooted for, rejoiced with in their triumphs and felt sad for them in their tears of tragedy. The author brilliantly weaves in elements of yester year and I adored the sense of small town community, where everyone knows your name.

…….I highly recommend it. ~ Nora S, Amazon


If you have never read Ace Collins before, this is an excellent one to start reading. It is good and suspense builds. An abducted child, the FBI, along with one yellow Packard make for a thrilling ride.

Old classic cars are of interest to a lot of folks. This car is a classic as well as the book.

Don’t miss out on this one. You will be glad you got it. ~ Barbara, Amazon

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