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Code: Team Zebra Book Cover Code: Team Zebra
Dale Greenwell
Mystery, Suspense, Thriller


CODE: TEAM ZEBRA is about a small Top Secret organization funded by Congress under a fictitious research title Project 7. Only one senator is aware of Its existence and purpose: To subvert and destroy international drug cartels and their American judicial allies degrading American lives. The story focuses on the assassinations of an informant, his Zebra contact, the senator's son, and witnesses.

Book Excerpt

(The setting: January, after midnight, on a lake near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.)
. . . . He resumed trailing. Suddenly another set of tracks appeared—crossing beneath the first set. Smaller tracks; the Iceman!
Ben took the new course, following the long arc until the larger prints paralleled it. The two converged. He squatted over them for a moment then followed the smaller set. Suddenly the soles of Arctic boots appeared, toes in the snow. He rushed to the prone figure. “Iceman!” No response. Around the head crimson seeped into the white fluff. He bent over the body, searching for wounds. The kill was fresh.
Ben rolled the body over: Entry wound at the bridge of the nose. Unglazed eyes stared up at him. Despite the temperature the corpse’s throat was warm, the arms limp. He opened the heavy jacket and searched the pockets. No ID. No watch, money, anything. Gone! The envelope of information, promised him, was absent. No papers. The fingertips had been surgically removed.
Snow crunched behind him. He bolted and turned, his gloved thumb pulling the hammer back on the automatic. A light flicked on behind him. He raised his own while shielding his face with the other hand.
“Hello, Ben” the intruder said in an octave above the wind.
“Jesus! What the hell . . . ?
Behind the collar and below the hat a pair of blue eyes glared. “We couldn’t let this happen, Ben.”
“We?” Lowering the pistol, Ben stalled, his thoughts blurred.
Two suppressed flashes burst above the tall figure’s coat pocket, stabbing the darkness, burning flesh. Ben reeled backwards, falling over the dead messenger. The assassin unscrewed the hot silencer and dropped it into his coat pocket, then bent over the dying agent and unzipped the fleece jacket. “Sorry, Ben. It’s the nature of the beast.” He relieved the agent of personals. “Where’s the envelope, Ben?”
Ben coughed blood. “You . . . bastard.”
“You dropped it, Ben?” he demanded. Ben was gone. He pushed the dead agent’s Glock and remote into his own pockets and pulled a glove off a hand. The cold steel blade cut through fingers easily. “It’s the nature of the beast, Ben.

The Buzz

Given Greenwell’s extensive background in the classified security arena, it is no wonder he wrote such a compelling novel. From the opening chapter, he sets into motion the intrigue and clandestine operations that are occurring within our own United States. Most books of this genre have a setting in a foreign county, but this story puts the reader in the center of the inner sanctum of some of the highest ranking elected officials in our government. He carefully introduces a complex set of characters engaged in secret operations within our own country driven by the need of a rogue senator trying to make the world right outside of the current policies of written laws. He paints a picture of behind the door political funding kept out of sight by shroud manipulations to operate Team Zebra on a special project. He skillfully describes the settings from Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe to Biloxi keeping the characters in focus on their mission. There is one operative that knows how to quash the rogue operations and assumes a special identity in “project 7.” This kind of book is so realistic that it leaves the reader with the haunting thought “that it can happen in real life.” Throughout the book the characters are real people involved in their own lives coping with their own feelings, needs and thoughts. The tone and tint of this book is just right given the recent United States government security disclosures. I totally recommend Dale Greenwell’s Code: Team Zebra (project 7) as the ☆☆☆☆☆ book of 2014 as a must read. Have some time because you won’t be able to put it down or stop turning the pages.

L Lee Parmeter Author “War Stories and Little White Lies.” 9 January, 2014.

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You can learn more about Dale Greenwell on his author page.


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